Press Release
June 7, 2009

Press statement of Senator Loren Legarda


The people should express with their voices and their feet their indignation against the enactment by the House of Representatives of Resolution 1109 which is part of a dark plot to prolong the power of the present administration illegally.

I commend the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) for blessing the move of civil organizations to organize peaceful protests against HR 1109. If our people do not protest this evil conspiracy to undermine their supreme right to choose their leaders according to the Constitution, the evil plotters against our democratic rights will prevail.

The 2010 elections as ordained by the present Constitution must continue, and only then shall we contemplate the necessity of amending the charter through constitutional processes. The CBCP proposal that the best way to amend the Constitution is through an elected constitutional convention deserves our support.


I strongly condemn the assassination of Sumilao leader-farmer Rene Peñas who had heroically led the farmers' movement for social justice not only in Mindanao but nationally. These motorcycle assassins would not be so bold if they do not have behind them some powerful interests.

This is an additional proof that the present administration has failed to protect the lives and just causes of our unprivileged masses longing for a better future. And that is another reason why the 2010 elections should be surely held so that those people in power who have failed to protect human rights shall be pushed out of power.

Among the fundamental duties of government is to preserve life and the right to protest. Both have been killed with the murder of Sumilao farmer Rene Peñas.


The United States government is looking into reports that its contributions to the Balikatan funds have been misused, according to US Ambassador Kristie Kenny. Our government should fully cooperate with this investigation because the report jeopardizes the future of foreign aid to our armed forces which sorely needs that assistance to maintain and upgrade the quality of their fighting capability and equipment.

It is deplorable that the Philippines should be dependent on the US to uncover anomalies in the disposition of foreign military aid. Ever since the conviction of Major General Carlos Garcia, former AFP comptroller, for pocketing hundreds of thousands of US dollars in military aid, the Pentagon has been closely monitoring the use of its military aid to our country. It is to be remembered that Garcia was indicted at the initiative of the US government.

The AFP, led by gallant officers and gentlemen, should not allow its honored and respected name to be tarnished by a few misguided and corrupt personnel. It should do this by allowing resigned navy officer Nancy Gadian to present her evidence freely and without threat of reprisal.

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