Press Release
June 16, 2009


I am not happy with the explanation of the telcos. If they do not shape up, I will personally spearhead, as chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Services, the review of their franchises to address their unscrupulous practices. Based on the public hearing, we already solved the mystery behind the multiple cases of vanishing load which obviously the telcos themselves are the culprit. It can be concluded that they are loaded with capabilities to unduly charge their millions of subscribers.

One thing is for sure, the telcos may have unlimited power right now but they are not untouchable. I would like to remind them that since a franchise is merely a privilege granted by the government through Congress, it would be tantamount to a gross violation of their franchise if such claims be proven true. May this be a message sent clearly to them.

Sa pagbibigay ng prangkisa, may tinatawag na ethics of honest enterprise o iyung tapat na pagnenegosyo. Dapat lang na tuparin ng mga telcos ang kondisyong ito bilang mga franchise grantees, kung ayaw nilang matanggalan sila ng prangkisa.

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