Press Release
June 28, 2009


Senator Edgardo J. Angara pushes for a law that prohibits the use of the word Muslim or Islamic to refer or describe any person convicted of any crime.

"The use of words "Muslim" and "Islamic" in association with suspected or convicted 'criminals and unlawful acts are offensively biased against Muslims," said Angara who introduced SB 914 which seeks to prohibit the use of the word Muslim or Islamic in print, radio, television and other forms of broadcast media to refer to or describe any person convicted of any crime or suspected of committing any unlawful act.

Using the word Muslim or Islamic in any way it is offensive is highly prejudicial and extremely injurious to the Islamic religious culture, Muslim individuals and their collective image, and the Muslim's social well being as respectable citizens of the country, Angara added.

SB 914 proposes that a penalty of aresto mayor or a fine ranging from one thousand pesos to ten thousand pesos or both at the discretion of the court shall be imposed to any person guilty in doing so and not less than fifty thousand pesos in the case of media.

Outlawing this culturally and religiously biased practice would definitely contribute and result in increased positive social space and understanding between and among Muslims and Non-Muslims, and help drive the path towards a just, culturally-sensitive, fair, and lasting peace and development in out country.

"By having a fair and just society, peace and order occur," said Angara.

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