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July 1, 2009

Gordon urges public to get involved in improving RP's education system

Senator Richard J. Gordon (Ind.) today urged the public to be involved in improving the country's education system by supporting the measure called "Text-for-Change".

"We used to have the best public education system in Asia, now we're trailing far behind and we have long been overtaken by neighboring Asian countries," said Gordon, who will take part in the Talakayan 20.10 Leadership Forum on Education Reform organized by the Movement for Good Governance.

"It is important that we realize that, at some point in time, we should have the determination to find out how we can help our country. Our support to this text-for-change measure is our investment for the future of our youth," he added.

In Senate Bill 2402, Gordon proposed that telecommunications companies remit a portion of their net revenues from text messaging to the Health and Education Acceleration Program (HEAP) Corporation.

The senator explained that the HEAP Corporation would spearhead the rehabilitation of the public education and health care systems of the country.

The fund that would be generated will be used to rapidly wipe out backlogs in school infrastructures, enhance the country's public education system, improve the health and welfare of students, and increase remuneration of public school teachers.

Gordon, chairman of the Senate committee on government corporations and public enterprises, noted that there are approximately two billion text messages sent a day.

He explained that if 10 percent would be allotted for the HEAP, the corporation would gain P200 million a day and P73 billion a year, which is more than enough to fill up all the gaps in health and education infrastructures in a year's time.

"This proposed law is in line with our chief advocacies of citizens taking greater responsibility and taking action to solve national problems. It is a direct way for people to help themselves to get better education for their children. With every text message they send they are investing in a better future for everyone," Gordon said.

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