Press Release
July 20, 2009

Press statement of Sen. Chiz Escudero


I hope that Speaker Nograles' assurances that there will be no Con-Ass at the SONA are true.

As a fellow lawyer, I believe the Speaker will not allow this to happen.

However, if this is another veiled attempt to calm the people, then they should prepare to meet a tidal wave of protest. To use the SONA in railroading the Cha-Cha is patently illegal and blatantly immoral.


I do not understand why the Commission on Elections is paying off Smartmatic/TIM this early with no real deliveries yet of this untested machine.

With no tangible assets or capitalization and questionable capacity in terms of actual cash or tangible assets in the country except for letters of credit, Comelec should be careful in releasing funds to the consortium.

In a manner of speaking, para tayong ginigisa sa sariling mantika. Wala pa ngang nagagawa ang Smartmatic/TIM, billing agad ang inaasikaso.

I suggest that Comelec impose a system of billing and releases that is progressive and based on performance and delivery.


I am in favor of passing the national budget for next year before the filing of the certificates of candidacy before this year ends.

However, this seeming haste should not result in a haphazardly approved budget that will only serve the political interests of some politicians.

The national budget should be thoroughly discussed in order to address the needs of the people and not to meet a self-imposed deadline.


I commend Melissa Roxas for having the courage and steadfastness to return to the country to face her alleged abductors and torturers.

Her ordeal in the hands of the perpetrators of this atrocious crime deserves serious attention. If her accusations are true, then we should all be afraid because those who should be protecting the citizenry are the ones who violate our rights enshrined under the Constitution.

I take this occasion to call on my colleagues in Congress to speed up the approval of the bills penalizing involuntary and enforced disappearances and torture. The case of Melissa Roxas highlights the importance of passing these bills.

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