Press Release
July 30, 2009


With President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ending her nine-year stay in office, Filipinos have to work to put in place an activist government resolute in the enforcement of massive reforms so the country could recover from the effects of wanton corruption and abuse of power in this government, Liberal President Senator Mar Roxas said today.

"GMA has for so long choked the very life from our people. The people deserve so much more than this," he said.

Filipinos, he said, deserve a system that takes care of people's needs and an activist government that puts public interest over those of the powerful few.

"I believe we can achieve this. The Filipino is capable of achieving progress with compassion. The Filipino believes, as I do, in the common good. The Filipino's heart is in the right place," he said.

He added: "As I've always said, minsan napipilitan tayong magbenta ng lamang-loob, ng bato at atay, para lang mabuhay. Pero ang puso, hinding-hindi ibebenta ng Pilipino (We are sometimes forced to sell our internal organs, like our kidneys and liver, so we can survive. But Filipinos will never sell their hearts)."

But for the country to recover from the political, social and economic damage the Arroyo administration has created, the Visayan senator said the people should be wiser and more meticulous about their choices in the 2010 elections.

"We cannot afford to fall prey to the same politics-as-usual mentality, the same maneuverings and secrecy that characterize our opponents," he stressed.

Roxas said: "The choice has never been more critical in our nation's history. And the choice is simple: we may either opt to live in the past like the relics that cheered the SONA, or work together in a future of truly great and proud Filipinos."

"Right now I am laying down my cards for you to see. All I ask is that you realize that I am firmly on your side; that we are on each other's side. I believe in you, and I look forward to rebuilding this nation with you. Ramdam ko kayo. Sama-sama tayo, hinding-hindi ko kayo pababayaan. Lalaban tayo (I feel for you. We are together in this fight, I will never leave you)," he added.

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