Press Release
August 3, 2009

Villar Leads Nacionalista Mass for Cory Aquino

Nacionalista Party President Senator Manny Villar led a mass for Former President Cory Aquino at 6pm Monday at the Laurel Mansion in Mandaluyong--the political party's headquarters Monday.

"The Nacionalista Party offered a mass for the eternal repose of the soul of former President Cory Aquino, which served as a thanksgiving mass as well, to show our appreciation to what she had done and sacrificed to restore democracy in our country," said Villar

Members and friends of the Nacionalista Party as well as the family of the late Vice President and former President of the Nacionalista Party Salvador 'Doy' Laurel, who had close political ties with the Aquinos before, participated in the mass for Cory.

"This is a good time for all the members of the Nacionalista to pay our last respects to the president and to pay tribute to her achievements, sacrifices as well as the legacies she left behind--democracy, integrity, honesty, simplicity, unity, reconciliation, peace and service to the Filipino people," added Villar.


Cory Aquino chose Salvador Laurel, leader of the opposition's largest faction United Nationalist Democratic Organization or UNIDO, as her running mate in the snap presidential elections held in 1985.

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