Press Release
August 4, 2009

Sen. Jamby Madrigal invocation for former President Cory

We ask the Almighty, at this time of national mourning for Corazon C. Aquino, to look kindly upon a people who are bereft, as Mrs. Aquino's family is bereft, because of her passing.

Time, it is said, heals all wounds; this has been a time indeed when, the rancor of yesterday has been replaced by the words of personal esteem addressed to Cory Aquino's kith and kin, and through them, to the nation, by those with whom Mrs. Aquino had differences on fundamental political questions in the past.

It is meaningful for a nation to see erstwhile detractors cast off the recriminations of the past, in human, and humane, tribute to Mrs. Aquino, of whom no one could ever deny, that her lone ambition was to keep faith with her husband, and the manner in which he had consecrated himself to our nation.

This chamber is not the same one, in its physical sense, as the one Mrs. Aquino's husband was a member of.

But it is, in the spiritual, the legal, the idealistic sense, the same one as Ninoy served in and in which Noynoy serves today, he, to whom this chamber and an entire country has expressed such solidarity these past mournful days.

And so it is in memory of, and with imperishable affection for, Cory Aquino, wife and mother, President and moral compass of a country, that we address the Almighty today.

May this noble chamber never surrender, may it never be suppressed; may we all, in the fullness of our own lives as servants of the people, be able to depart with the joyful and serene knowledge Cory had at the end of her hers -that she had done a people proud, and done God's will.

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