Press Release
August 12, 2009


I deplore the decision of the junta in Myanmar to continue the illegal house arrest of Nobel peace prize laureate and democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi.

It underscores the state of repression in Myanmar and shows that the junta remains oblivious to worldwide criticism of its human rights record, particularly the detention of monks and students demonstrating peacefully as well as the violent suppression of ethnic minorities seeking autonomy.

Like the late former president Cory Aquino, whose recent demise we mourn, Suu Kyi has fearlessly demonstrated her steely resolve not to be intimidated by those who seek to snuff out the light of freedom, and have chosen instead to wage war rather than promote peace.

As history has shown, overcoming tyranny takes time and patience, blood and sacrifice. It also takes a leader, who is willing to overcome the odds and be the sole beacon of hope. Suu Kyi is that kind of leader.

She may be temporarily confined now to the walls of her house, but these walls are temporary. For crumble they will, due not to the ravages of the elements but more because of the unwavering desire of the people of Myanmar to be liberated from the shackles of repression.

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