Press Release
August 24, 2009


Senator Mar Roxas today secured endorsement from government agencies of his proposed resolution seeking to declare January 25 of every year as Cory Aquino Day in honor of the late President.

Roxas, chair of the Senate education, arts and culture committee, said he would report out to the floor Senate Joint Resolution No. 28 as soon as he has gathered all pertinent positions on the issue.

"The committee will submit its report on this measure as soon as we have collated all of positions submitted today. I thank everyone for supporting this measure. This only proves how we continue to love Tita Cory up to this day," he said.

SJR No. 28 seeks to honor the late President Corazon Aquino by declaring her birth date, January 25, as a national holiday to be called the Cory Aquino Day. The Visayan senator filed the measure to give due recognition to Mrs. Aquino's great legacy to the Filipino nation, particularly her courageous and unifying leadership that inspired the 1986 EDSA Revolution and restored constitutional government and the rule of law; her statesmanship in peacefully transferring power to her successor and dedicated her life to the service of the Filipino people.

During today's committee hearing, agencies like the National Commission for Culture and Arts, the Department of Education, the Department of Labor and Employment, the National Historical Institute and the Public Schools District Supervisor Association expressed unanimous support for SJR 28.

Education Undersecretary and NCCA Chairperson Vilma Labrador said it was "time we should relive the importance of having democracy in our country - it is fitting to have an important day and mention one person to discuss her contributions to democracy and to have her as a model, an inspiring motivator for all of us right now."

She said the Mrs. Aquino's life and her political, cultural and social contributions could be included in the Social Studies curriculum thought among all levels in primary and secondary schools.

Labor Liaison Specialist Raymond Rosales said the Department of Labor and Employment "appreciates the initiative and supports the resolution" despite their standard position not to encourage additional holidays, citing the already existing 11 public holidays and 3 special holidays.

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