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September 10, 2009

May 2010 poll automation will be a game-changer - Gordon

Senator Richard J. Gordon (Ind.) today underscored that the automation of the May 2010 presidential election will be a game-changer in Philippine politics and would ensure clean, honest and credible elections.

Gordon, father of modernization of elections in the country and author of Republic Act (RA) 9369 or the amended Automated Elections System Law, said with automated elections, the country would get rid of wholesale cheating which has marred every election in the past.

"Automated elections next year will be a game-changer. It will prevent those with Ph. Ds in 'Daya-logy' from perpetrating their evil deeds," he said.

"Its speed and the fact that this would be the first nationwide automated elections to be held in the country, would ensure that those Ph.D holders will not have time to prepare for this system," he added.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is now gearing for a full implementation of RA 9369, which was passed into law in 2007. Automated election was pilot-tested during the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) in August 2009.

Gordon stressed that automating the elections would pull the country out of the political rut that it has sunken into and would bring closure instead of causing further division in the country.

"Having automated elections would allow us to resolve political disputes and bring credibility not only to our elections but also in the leaders of this democratic nation. It would also erase public suspicion that the Filipino people's sacrosanct votes would be stolen from them," he said.

"This way, elected officials will be able to focus their attention on the business of governance since they will not be distracted by electoral protests," he added.

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