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September 16, 2009

Says 'No-El' plot not too simple, too easy to carry-out
Villar to 'No-El' plotters: Filipino people would just not allow it

Nacionalista Party (NP) President Sen. Manny Villar Jr. has brushed aside fears of no elections (No-El) next year even as he warned would-be plotters in and outside Malacanang to think about it many times since it would not be a breezy "walk in the park."

"Those in power know that this is not a simple and easy script to follow and they know this has very low success rate," Villar said.

Villar stressed that the out-going Malacanang occupant and her allies know that the Filipino people, who are hungry for reforms and fed-up of their style of governance, would not allow them do it under any disguises or circumstances.

"I just don't see this (No-El) happening or even succeeding if there would be such an attempt," he said.

He added: "The Filipino people would not allow it. I know deep in my heart that elections will proceed as scheduled in May 2010."

Villar, a declared presidential aspirant, nevertheless took to task the public for over-reacting every time the scenario of no elections is floated or peddled by some quarters.

"Sometimes we're the ones who are scaring ourselves. The best thing to do is to always prepare for such eventuality. And see to it that this does not happen and expose the would-be masterminds," the NP president said.

Villar reiterated the present government has just lost the "political capital and timing" to hatch such plot even in the guise of saving the Republic in the event of a failure of elections.

"They just can't do it. The odds are against it," he maintained.

He said the people are now preoccupied with the coming elections and are very eager to choose their next leader in 2010.

"No scenarios such as No-El would dash the hopes of our people to see meaningful changes next year," Villar said.

One version of the No-El is that President Arroyo would continue to reign in hold-over capacity should no winners are declared by June 30, 2010 because of the automated polls meltdown.

The second scenario is that the military and the police leadership may end-up running the government in the event of a total failure of elections to fill the power vacuum created by the absence of an elected civilian authority.

The scenario is based on the presumption that the terms of the President, Vice-President, Speaker and Senate President are deemed expired by June 30, 2010 and the only organized group that could control and hold power is the military-police establishment.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has said it is prepared to shift to manual voting when glitches or massive conking out occurs during the automated elections next year.

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