Press Release
September 16, 2009

Statement of the Majority Leader on Sen. Sotero Laurel's death

"I would like to extend my condolences to the Family of the late Sen. Sotero Laurel for the passing of the former Senate President Pro Tempore.

"Some may have forgotten our history, but for the benefit of the new generation, Senator Laurel was one of the so-called "Magnificent 12" who voted against the controversial extension of the US Military Bases in the country in 1991.

"The former Senate President Pro Tempore earnestly stood against the ratification of the bilateral deal during the hostile debates over the proposal to extend the RP-US Military Bases Agreement. He insisted that "fairness, justice, self-determination, independence, self-respect and equality are values that cannot be given away in exchange for any monetary assistance.

"On behalf of the Senate leadership, I laud and honor the memory left behind by Dr. Laurel who was devoted to truth and professionalism.

"To the Laurel family, again, our deepest condolences and sympathy."

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