Press Release
September 29, 2009


Committee of the Whole
Ethics Complaint v. Sen. Manny Villar


Continuation of the Testimony of Mr. Anastacio C. Adriano, Jr.

Adriano was again castigated by Sen. Enrile for blatantly lying to the Committee. For example, he denied that Adelfa had any plans to develop the properties along the Las Pinas-Paranaque Link Road. However, when confronted by documents, he admitted that Adelfa submitted master plans and entered into several joint venture agreements to develop the properties located along the Las Pinas-Paranaque Link Road. Atty. Ernesto B. Francisco, Jr., counsel for the complainant, repeatedly moved for the witness to be cited in contempt, specifying his statements proven to be lies.

Despite the orders of the Committee, Adriano said that Adelfa refused to provide the information to the Committee, such as information on the total area of Adelfa's properties located at the Las Pinas-Paranaque Link Road, depository banks of Adelfa, etc. It was also revealed that Adriano did not ask for all the information required by the Committee.

Atty. Gabriel Enriquez, counsel for Adriano, admitted that all the documents and information of the Committee were not specified in their request to Adelfa. He was directed by Sen. Enrile to reiterate his request detailing the documents and information ordered submitted by the Committee. Further, Atty. Enriquez, due to his incompentency, was advised by Sen. Enrile to quit from being a lawyer and "be alert instead of sitting there and daydreaming."

Adriano was given until 12 midnight tomorrow, 30 September 2009, to submit all the documents required by the Committee.

Adriano admitted that he was the one who dictated to the Senate LBRMO the insertion of P400 million for the C-5 Road Extension Project. In total, it was shown that Adriano dictated almost P700 million worth of projects to the Senate LBRMO which was more than the amount allocated for infrastructure projects of Senators. Where was the P400 million culled from? According to Adriano, it was just "his idea." There was no study, no program of work, etc. used to arrive at the amount of P400 million.

Adriano admitted that Sen. Villar was aware that there was already P200 million in the budget for the C-5 Road Extension project and that he agreed to the insertion another P400 million for the same project.

When asked what was his interest in the C-5 Road Extension project, Adriano admitted that he knew Sen. Villar was very much interested and supportive of the project.

Sen. Roxas questioned why 2/3 of Sen. Villar's budget allocation was given only to the C-5 Road Extension project--to just ONE PROJECT--which project was already allocated P200 million in the budget. This one project happened to pass through the properties of Sen. Villar.

According to Adriano, he only enumerated P400 million for the construction of C-5 Road Extension and that it was Atty. Yolanda Doblon who changed the description to "Construction of C-5 Road Extension from SLEX to Sucat Road (including RROW)" to include payment of right of way to private land owners, including Sen. Villar's corporations. Sen. Enrile pointed out that, at the time, he was the Chairman of the Committee on Finance and the Committee only accepted the amendments proposed by the senators and that it was impossible for Atty. Doblon to change the language of the senators' amendments as she was working directly under Sen. Enrile at the time.

Contrary to his earlier statement that Adelfa had no intention of collecting the unpaid payments for roads right of way, Adriano is now saying that Adelfa will collect the payments; they just lack the documents.

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