Press Release
November 10, 2009


As the international demand for engineers and scientists continues to grow, Sen. Edgardo Angara urged universities, the DepEd, CHED and DOST to pursue partnerships for foreign exchange scholarship programs which will reinforce our workforce's qualifications and improve their chances at employment and better compensation. Angara specifically called for more science, mathematics and computer technology scholars to pursue higher learning in the country's industrialized neighbors Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Singapore.

"These are societies with the most advanced centers of education in the region. Our students will benefit greatly from the knowledge and training they can gain from these universities. On their return to the country, we will have more competitive scientists and engineers," said Angara, former President of the University of the Philippines.

Angara reiterated that the Philippines lacks capacities and facilities in research-development and some aspects in higher learning, and therefore suggested that the Philippine government include provisions on exchange scholarships in RP's investment agreements with Taiwan.

In a Memorandum of Agreement with the Taiwanese Minister for Science, Angara said the [Philippines] will be sending 75 Masters and 25 PhD IT and engineering students and professionals to various Taiwanese universities. "They have the facilities and expertise for advanced training, but they are short in manpower in IT. Whereas here in the Philippines, we have more aspiring experts than we can train," he said.

The senator urged the DepEd, CHED and the DOST to augment efforts in initiating and maintaining educational exchange ties with Asian technological giants like Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

"This is not to underestimate our own universities," Angara clarified, adding that "the training our scholars get from our Asian neighbors will equip them with the standards of training accepted in such countries where our Filipino workers can benefit from, also preparing them for higher positions in their [other] organizations in the future."

Angara called on government to extend as much assistance to education-related agencies, saying, "Let's make our international scholars feel our support and commitment. Let's compensate their educational success and international experience by providing them venues to properly harness their expertise."

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