Press Release
November 11, 2009

Enrile bill calls for reorganization
of National Telecommunication Commission

In the face of the rapid advancements in the information and communications technology sector, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile has filed a bill calling for the reorganization of the reorganization of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) which he lamented "has not done enough in regulating the local telecommunications industry."

When NTC was created in 1979, it was mandated to develop an integrated nationwide transmission system that can stand alone or work with other entities in accordance with national and international telecommunications standards to meet all telecommunications requirements of the country. However, since its creation NTC has seen a development in the sector from being a monopolistic industry to one that provides consumers with a wide array of choices and improved access to services.

"The birth of new industry players has made it imperative for the government to provide a regulatory environment, to allow all sectors to develop the best available technology, on a leveled playing field. There is a need now to reorganize the NTC to define and strengthen its power and functions as proposed in Senate Bill No. 3465," Enrile said in the explanatory note of his bill. Enrile cited media reports that the NTC has been lax in monitoring the movements of the various telecommunications companies in the country, with some consumers still complaining of vanishing loads and unsolicited text messages, or spams.

"I crafted the bill to protect the people from unscrupulous and aggressive marketing practices used by these telecommunications companies. By reorganizing the NTC, there will be a stronger regulatory environment framework which will promote a more level playing field, thus giving the texters only public more leeway in choosing how to avail of the services of their chosen telecommunications provider," Enrile explained.

Under the proposed bill, the NTC will be given the power to see to it that there is fair and competitive business environment among industry players that will ultimately ensure universal access to reliable and affordable services for the general public.

Earlier, Enrile initiated a Senate investigation of "vanishing load" and text spams, of which he said he was himself a victim of. He has then vowed to have the matter investigated, and has authored SB No. 3465, which calls for the reorganization of the National Telecommunications Commission.

"I want the NTC to protect the welfare of both the industry players and the consuming public. This is why the bill, once approved, will allow for the reorganization of the NTC by strengthening its existing powers and functions for the agency to cope with the evolving information and communications technology landscape," Enrile said.

"Governments throughout the world have devoted efforts towards the development and management of information systems to streamline and improve the efficiency of delivery of basic goods and services to the people. The NTC should do the same" Enrile added.

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