Press Release
November 18, 2009


The so-called resolution seeking to dismiss an ethics complaint against Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. was not derailed but merely put in its proper place.

On this note, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson on Wednesday defended Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile's decision to toss the document to the Committee on Rules.

"Derailed is not a proper word to describe what happened yesterday. Put in its proper place is more like it. It's unparliamentary, unethical, brazen display of disrespect to the Senate President and the Senate as an institution and abusive of our rules. Kaya dapat lamang na ibato sa committee on rules (It is just fair that it be tossed to the Committee on Rules)," Lacson said.

On Tuesday, Enrile tossed the resolution to the backburner, saying it is "not in order" at this time, adding the resolution effectively preempts the Committee of the Whole, which was formed to look into the ethics complaint filed by Maria Ana Consuelo Madrigal against Villar.

Last year, Lacson delivered a privilege speech on a P200-million double entry mess involving a stretch of road between South Luzon Expressway and Sucat Road. The privilege speech prompted Madrigal to lodge an ethics complaint against Villar.

On the other hand, Lacson noted some senators were deceived into signing the resolution after the one who circulated the resolution for signing made it appear Enrile knew and approved of it.

"It's very dangerous. If you can deceive your fellow senators into believing it is okay to sign for this or that reason, that's very dangerous," he said. "A politician fooling his constituents is virtually an accepted practice. But to deceive a fellow senator into signing a resolution, that's too much."

Lacson also questioned Villar's signing the resolution, saying it was tantamount to the respondent clearing himself.

Meanwhile, Lacson wished Sen. Lorna Regina "Loren" Legarda good luck in her team-up with Villar for the 2010 elections. "They deserve each other. Bagay talaga sila pagdating sa character, pag-uugali at kredibilidad (They are a perfect march in terms of character and credibility). Good luck to Loren," he said.

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