Press Release
November 24, 2009

Statement of Senator Legarda on Chiz

I respect and welcome Senator Francis Escudero's decision not to seek higher office next year. Three months ago, he asked me to be his vice presidential running mate, to which I agreed to in my desire to help present a meaningful platform of governance to our people.

I am now asking Senator Escudero to join me in my fight - no make that our common battle - to help solve our country's many problems, like poverty, hunger and the threats of climate change.

Our need for genuine peace based on social justice and equality is also staring us in the face with the apparently election-related massacre in Maguindanao. The killing, rape and mutilation of innocent people have no equal in barbarity and I condemn them in the strongest possible term.

This tragedy which cries out to high heavens for justice should serve as a wake-up call for our people to be united in a common effort to ensure clean, orderly and peaceful elections.

Violence should have no place in our electoral exercise because protecting and strengthening our democracy should never entail the shedding of blood. After all, we are all Filipinos.

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