Press Release
January 8, 2010

By Senator Santiago

It is just another day in the office. The "notorious cabinet member" is behind all these complaints, which merely proved how economical he is with the truth. Kindly notice that both the Comelec petition and the disbarment complaint are handled by the same lawyer, who enjoys an unsavory reputation. My own lawyers will deal with these sham cases.

The "notorious cabinet member" is frightened out of his wits. His sham complaints are born of desperation, because the Ombudsman is expected to release very soon it findings on the criminal cases of the euro generals, the premature campaigning using public funds by certain cabinet members, and the plunder of the road users tax. These cases were forwarded to the Ombudsman not by me, but by the Senate.

According to my sources, when a new President is elected, the "notorious cabinet member" is thinking of flying from the country. I say to him: "Bring it on!" Crime is ultimately followed by punishment, and he has to live with it. The more lies he ties against me, the more truths he will reveal about him and his cohorts.

I am left with no choice but to discuss this illiterate campaign of mudslinging with President Arroyo. She called me last night, but I was out on a prior engagement. I hope to reach her today.

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