Press Release
January 13, 2010

RP's top three problems remain unresolved due to lack
of good governance - Gordon

Senator Richard J. Gordon said there is no good governance, which is why the government could not resolve the country's top three problems such as corruption, disasters and war.

Gordon pointed out that the government lacks passion, vision and effort to change the country by motivating the people into carrying their part of the burden and give back their dignity, knowing that they worked hard to improve their lives, instead of making them dependent on dole outs.

"The President cannot give excuses. Everything will be hard when you are President. You want to be President? You fix the problems. The hard way is always the best way. And if we really want genuine change, you have to make the people part of the process of change," he said at the Kilalanin Presidential Forum held in De La Salle Zobel in Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City.

Gordon said the lack of good governance is highlighted during the onslaught of disasters, both natural and man-made, because the devastation wrought by calamities is worsened by the government's deficiency.

He cited the high number of families affected by the destruction brought by the super typhoons that entered the country in the latter part of 2009, the recent eruption of Mt. Mayon in Albay, Bicol and the maritime disasters that claimed numerous lives.

The senator said if there is good governance, the government should prepare measures that would mitigate the effects of natural calamities since the country is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; and at least 20 typhoons enter the country annually.

"Hindi ba pwede, dahil alam naman nating puputok yan, gumawa tayo ng permanent evacuation center? We can have an evacuation center that is permanent there, may tubig at nandun na ang mga kailangan ng mga tao," he stressed.

Gordon said that most maritime disasters are results of the government's failure to strictly impose rules to regulate and improve standards in the domestic maritime industry.

He also added that the continuing conflict in Mindanao is again brought about by lack of governance. The national government does not ensure that the officials in the region are carrying out their mandate properly and development hardly reaches Mindanao so there are little livelihood opportunities for the people.

"Ang pag-go-gobyerno ay hindi hanapbuhay, ito ay bigay-buhay. Dapat yung taong iboboto natin ay hindi lang kislap, kundi yung magbibigay ng liwanag. Yun ang kailangan natin," the senator said.

"Kung kayo ay takot at gusto ninyo doon sa panalo at ayaw niyo makipagsapalaran doon sa talagang tama, then we begin to fail as a nation," he added.

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