Press Release
January 13, 2010


The statements attributed to Senator Villar saying that the Nacionalista Party led the way in its investigations of graft and corruption cases involving Mrs. Gloria Arroyo is a big lie. Before Senator Villar and his lackeys again engage in loose and populist talk, the records in the Senate will speak for itself.

During the reign of Senator Villar and Senator Cayetano, they held the senate investigations on the NBN-ZTE deal hostage to transactional policies and a virtual state of uncertainty. Instead of completing and finishing the investigations, they suspended the hearings so they could go on a European cruise. It was only after my expose that they were being pressured by a powerful tycoon close to Mrs. Arroyo did they agree to further schedule of the hearings. Still, the records speak for itself. During the leadership of Senator Villar, the Nacionalista Party sat on the NBN-ZTE Committee Report. Perhaps Sen. Villar meant that the Nationalista Party led the Senate in furthering graft and corruption as evidenced by the C5 road scandal.

Further, when the Garci scandal hit the news and rocked the core of the administration of Mrs. Arroyo, where was Senator Villar? Did he ever attend any rally or public protest, or show any outrage at all?

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