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January 14, 2010

We can compete with the rest of the world - Gordon

Senator Richard Gordon, Bagumbayan-Volunteers for a New Philippines Party standard-bearer, today said that the country can ably compete with the rest of the world if the government provides the people with opportunities for development and growth through the elimination of corruption and improvement of the education system.

"We have fallen behind in competitiveness because of corruption. Second, we have to make sure that we have the wherewithal. Education must be enhanced," Gordon said during the Carlos P. Romulo Foundation Presidential Policy Forum at the Asian Institute of Management Conference Center, Makati City.

"The Filipino is a great manager of his talent, and what is important is to provide him with opportunity. To be a more competitive nation, you need education to make sure that we can provide the choices for our people," he added.

Gordon explained that corruption must be eliminated right away, which could be done if the rule of law is strictly enforced. He said that everyone should be accountable for what they do, those who have done wrong should be punished, and criminals should not be pardoned to show the world that the Philippine Government means business.

The Bagumbayan presidential candidate added that the improvement of the country's education system should be an utmost priority.

"Poverty is an absence of choice. We have to educate our people, we have to provide quality education for our people so that they will have choices in life, so that they will be productive," he said.

"There must be a regime of meritocracy. When he works hard, he gets good compensation; when he is honest, he is recognized for it; when he is productive, he gets the best for it. We, therefore, need a lot of cheerleading for our people, we have to encourage them to be part of the process of making sure that the Philippines becomes number one," Gordon stressed.

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