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January 14, 2010

Villar wants bidding for gov't contracts covered live by TV

Nacionalista Party president Sen. Manny Villar wants the bidding for government contracts covered live by television "as it is the best antidote to rigging."

"Kung may problema sa tongpats, eh di i-televise natin," Villar said on the sidelines of a foreign affairs forum in Makati today when asked how he will shield from graft government purchases for goods and services.

"If the procurement process is subject to TV coverage, then I don't know of any person who wants his mischief caught on TV and broadcast live by satellite," he said.

Villar added that the government has three existing TV stations and "if they are telemarketing pills, potions and other gadgets today, to earn money, I don't think why they should not help 'sell' projects that will help the government save millions."

"Kung sabong, karera, lotto nasa TV, bakit hindi yung pag-bid ng proyekto ng pamahalaan. Pwede nating sabihin na merong maliit na fee na ibibigay sa TV stations para mabayaran ang airtime at iba pang gastos," he said.

Villar said the television "as a powerful medium can inform the public on how their money is spent" once the bidding for major government contracts is covered live.

"This is one reality TV show that will heighten public consciousness on how their money is spent to keep the government honest and insulate contracts from corruption," he said.

For this year, the national government plans to undertake P117 billion worth of infrastructure, bid P1.3 billion worth of reforestation contract, buy supplies costing P43 billion, among big-ticket expenditures.

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