Press Release
January 20, 2010


Sen. Loren Legarda said that her election campaign will focus on humanitarian relief assistance and awareness, jobs fair, feeding programs and environmental protection projects. In a live interview over ABS-CBN's TV Patrol, Legarda explained that her campaign will veer away from traditional political campaigning.

"I will focus on what will help the Filipinos improve their lives and steer them away from the threats of calamities, social injustice, poverty and hunger, corruption and lack of opportunities. I will focus on showing the Filipinos what I would like to do to help, and how we can all cooperate to succeed together," said Legarda.

Her status as the UN's Regional Champion for Disaster Risk Reduction has been the main focus of the media, in part due to her intensive efforts to promote combating climate change. This is especially evident in her campaigns to raise awareness on environmental issues, and her speeches that tackle issues of climate change.

Her legislative work in the Senate also include being author or co-author of some of the country's most significant laws, such as the Clean Air Act and the Solid Waste Management Act. She also has been pushing for reforms in the agriculture, education and health sectors.

She added, "the Filipino people know my capability, goals and my convictions; they know where my heart belongs to and I leave that up to the public to decide come May 2010. I will not use mere popularity to promote my candidacy. I trust the Filipinos are very educated voters and are learned of who to vote wisely for. My ambition is to give service to the people and keep the evils of using political positions to gain riches and control of the society."

"Despite not having a politically-affluent family, born to a middle-class, with almost-humble beginnings, I want to give inspiration to the youth that yes, we can succeed if we work hard for our goals that are for the common good," Legarda concluded.

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