Press Release
January 26, 2010

Transcript of SP Enrile's Presscon before Session

SP: Good afternoon. What are your questions? Please let me have them.

Q: Sir, ni- reveal n'yo na may conversation kayo, sir, with Senator Vilar?

SP: I already issued the press release. That's about what happened.

Q: Sir, bribery attempt ba 'yun?

SP: Well, the way the matter addressed itself to me was that he was trying to bribe me also. I supposed, in exchange for a favorable decision. But I cannot do that. I have to base the report on the evidence that was submitted to me. I could not possibly write a report favorable to him if there was no evidence presented by him to support his position.

Q: Directly, sir, hiningi niya 'yung ganoong favor?

SP: I'm sorry, kasi, I could not recall all the things that I've written there. Ang pagkasabi niya: " Baka makakatulong ako sa inyong mga pangangailangan, something to that effect.

Q: Sir, may direct offer ba for bribery?

SP: Wala. 'Yun lang ang sinabi niya sa akin. And I ignored that. And he repeated it.

Q: Sir, no other meeting after that?

SP: Wala. That was the last meeting that we had. Q: Kalian ito nangyari, sir?

SP: August 29, last year.

Q: So, sir, ongoing na 'yung investigation ni Senator Villar?

SP: Yes. That's right.

Q: Sir, may ibang tao ba dun?

SP: Alam n'yo, sa mga ganyang meeting, I never allow myself to go alone. Precisely, because I don't know the situation that will emerge. That's why I brought Atty. Reyes with me, my chief of staff.

Q: Sir, short lang be 'yung meeting n'yo?

SP: This went on during the lunch that we had because he invited me for lunch.

Q: Sir, si Atty. Reyes, narininig po ba niya 'yung pinag- uusapan n'yo ?

SP: Kasama siya doon sa meeting. Iniwanan ko na nga siya doon. Nagdahilan na lang ako because there was a repetition of the same thing in different ways. I felt very uncomfortable. So I excused myself. Iniwan ko si Atty Reyes doon. Then, sinabi ni Atty. Reyes that he continued to repeat the same thing.

Q Sir, 'yung invitation ba ay through phone or formal invitation.

SP It was coursed thru my chief of staff.

Q Sir, hindi ba kayo nai-insulto?

SP Kaya I said I was very uncomfortable.

Q Sir, meron po bang ibang inalok liban sa inyo?

SP Hindi ko alam. I cannot speculate about it.

Q Sir, you didn't feel like you have to tell the Committee of the Whole about it while you were investigating him?

SP I did not tell them.

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