Press Release
January 26, 2010


Sen. Mar Roxas today promised to restore the pride and integrity of the Filipino people and replace the repulsive traditional politics of corruption and abuse of power that for long have stifled the country's growth and development.

Roxas made the vow as he pledged not to "tell a lie, cheat and steal" during the 64th Founding Anniversary of the Liberal Party, of which he is the president.

"Hindi po tayo magsisinungaling. Hindi po tayo mandaraya. At hinding-hindi po tayo magnanakaw," said Roxas, the vice presidential candidate running-mate of LP standard bearer Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.

"We are seeking power not for power's sake, but so that we may serve the people in the name of honesty, decency, integrity and compassion," he also said.

Roxas likewise swore not to fall into the trap of traditional and transactional politics - a repugnant system of corruption and bribery, of connivance between and among crooked public officials and unscrupulous business interests, of skewed justice, of a defective educational structure, of selfish interests prevailing over public welfare.

"Sa konteksto ng pulitika sa Pilipinas, mapait po ang iniiwan sa ating panlasa ng salitang tradisyon... Ito po ang tradisyong itinatakwil ng ating Partidong Liberal," Roxas said, adding: "The Liberal Party has a tradition of sacrifice: of turning our backs on power and privilege if it means straying from the path of truth and integrity. Ours is a tradition of restoration."

He recalled how the Liberal Party has successfully helped the country rise again after the atrocious effects of wars worldwide and how Liberals stood up against those in power to bring the country out of the darkness of dictatorship and martial law and restore democracy.

"Ito po ang larangan natin sa kasaysayan. Ito po ang ating sagradong obligasyon. At gagampanan po natin ito alang-alang sa taumbayan. Ito po ang tradisyong ipapalit natin sa transaksyunal at tiwaling pulitika sa Pilipinas," Roxas said.

"Ibabalik babalik po natin ang tamang tradisyon sa pulitika ng Pilipinas. Ipaglalaban po natin ang restorasyon ng tradisyon na walang bahid at maaasahan. Itataya po natin ang lahat para sa restorasyon ng pambansang dangal ng Pilipino," he also said.

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