Press Release
January 28, 2010


Speaking with women groups and students, Sen. Loren Legarda emphasized the need to develop avenues for Filipino women and young girls to have better access to opportunities in improving their welfare through education and livelihood. Legarda has urged Congress that Senate Bill 921 be enacted into law to encourage the empowerment of Filipino women.

A previous census reported that more than half of 37.9 million Filipino women belong to the reproductive age group (15-49); while women head only 5.4% of the households in the country and have a higher literacy rate than their male counterparts (with 94.7%). Legarda lamented the fact that only less than half of 19 million women are engaged in gainful activities, stressing that "26% of this group are laborers and unskilled workers."

Although the DSWD assists local governments and congressional offices in funding the women livelihood programs, Legarda said, "a lot still has to be done in many other parts of the country."

SB921 seeks to assist women through development programs and financial, educational and information assistance that aid in empowering and enhancing their welfare. A Women in Enterprise Assistance and Advisory Committee will be established by the DOLE to manage and supervise such programs

"To help our economy recover, the full potential of every Filipino must be realized. Every Filipino must be given a chance to be productive and play his or her part in building a nation we can all be proud of. Every one must be given a chance, especially women," Legarda concluded.

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