Press Release
February 1, 2010

Transcript of interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On the C-5 Committee Report

Q: Sir, pag-uusapan na po ba ulit 'yung report about the C-5 Road Extension today?

JPE: Yes, it is in the agenda. Interpellation period.

Q: Mauuna ba 'yon sir?

JPE: Hindi. We will spend about 30 minutes to tackle the pending bills that are now being handled on Second and Third Reading and then after that we will go to the report. Hopefully, we can finish the interpellation of the proponents of the resolution that was filed ahead of the report.

Q: Sir, expected kasi na mahaba ang interpellation. So, hanggang Wednesday lang ba ang session or are you expecting to go beyond Wednesday?

JPE: No, we are scheduled to adjourn on Wednesday but we hope to finish it today, tomorrow, at the very latest, Wednesday.

Q: Sir, clarification lang sa sinabi niyo na the vote needed is the majority of the quorum.

JPE: Well, we dispose things here by majority of the quorum on issues di ba?

Q: Hindi na majority of the entire membership?

JPE: Unless the Constitution says so, a majority of all the members of the Senate. If that is the expression, then you need 13. Majority of the quorum.

Q: So, if the there are 13 senators present, you only need seven votes?

JPE: Yes. Well, that is subject to debate.

Q: That is your original idea?

JPE: Well, under parliamentary rules, you need a quorum to do business. So, the quorum is divided between those who agree or disagree on a particular issue unless the Constitution says a certain member is required to pass upon a issue.

Q: Sir, when you were censured before, do you remember how the voting was reckoned?

JPE: I was all alone. There was no voting, in fact. There was no voting because the majority realized that they would make a hero out of me if they voted.

Q: So you just accepted the censure?

JPE: Yes. I said sure. It was about the speech regarding Security Bank and I mentioned the name of Paul Aquino as chairman of Security Bank. Truly, he was not. He was just, I think, holding office there. I mistook that he was the chairman.

Q: Sir, possible bang matapos ang voting sa Wednesday o mag-eextend hanggang Friday?

JPE: Hindi ko pa alam pero that is the last day of the session. We hope that we will finish every matter undisposed in the Senate on that day.

Q: Sir, magkakaroon po ba ng special session?

JPE: Only the President can call for a special session.

Q: Pero today and tomorrow, bills muna?

JPE: No. Today, bills muna then we go through the vote.

On Sen. Ping Lacson

Q: Sir, on another topic, there are reports that Senator Lacson is in Australia. He has been there since January 18 according to the report. Di ba sabi niyo sir nagpaalam siya but did he say na pupunta siya ng Australia?

JPE: Well, he wrote me a letter asking that he cannot attend the session in the meantime because he is abroad. I do not know where he is.

Q: But hindi naman sir kailangan ng travel authority from you?

JPE: He is marked absent if he has no travel authority. He had a travel authority initially but as far as the additional time, he has no travel authority and he will be marked absent.

Q: Sir, 'yung original travel authority niya hanggang kalian lang?

JPE: I cannot remember.

Q: Noong sumulat siya that he will be absent ng January 18, he said that he was still abroad? Kailan siya naging marked...

JPE: Yes. Since we started our session.

On Senate Reorganization

Q: Sir, is there any need to remove any committees on them?

JPE: No, I decided not to. Otherwise, they might think that I am vindictive.

Q: How about kay Senator Angara? Si Senator Gordon and Zubiri are trying to hold a meeting...

JPE: I decided not to deprive them of their privileges.

Q: Sir, nag-meet na ba kayo ni Senator Angara? Nakapag-usap na ba kayo?

JPE: Not yet.

Q: Sir, can you still be ousted even during the campaign period?

JPE: I can be ousted any time if they have the numbers and we are in session.

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