Press Release
February 2, 2010


Senator Angara today emphasized the need for increased social insurance by extending the coverage of the National Health Insurance System or PhilHealth since more Filipinos are being affected by debilitating renal disorders.

"Over the years, the rising rates of renal disease cases in the country have reached its alarming stage. Statistics from the National Kidney and Transplant Institute reflects the gravity of kidney diseases among Filipinos. Quite disturbing is the fact that it usually afflicts children, adolescents and young adults during their productive years," said Angara who is the father of the PhilHealth system in the country.

He added, "Filipinos usually forgo medical expenses and would rather allot their money on food and basic needs. This endangers lives of many people that need special medical attention, it should be given equal importance and government should provide easy access to medical assistance to meet the demands of the people."

According to National Kidney and Transplant Institute, kidney diseases rank as the number 10 killer in the Philippines, causing death to about 7000 Filipinos every year.

Angara also expressed his concern on the relationship of renal diseases and lifestyle related disorders.

In 2008, 8258 Filipinos suffer from renal diseases and undergoes dialysis.

The Senator who formerly chaired the Senate Committee on Health advocated the re-examination of the Philhealth law in order to extend its scope and coverage.

"By 2011, the government should have pushed for a universal health insurance and assure accessible medical services that is effective and available to every Filipino. With the government failing miserably on this, the re-examination of the PhilHealth system is a must." said Angara.

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