Press Release
February 2, 2010

Transcript of SP Enrile's interview before Session

Q: Sir, na sa watch list na po ng Bureau of Immigration si Senator Lacson.

SP: We'll, he's still abroad.

Q: Covered po ba 'yun ng travel authority?

SP: I covered him with a travel authority when he requested to go abroad. I think it was during the recess.

Q: Hanggang kalian po, sir, 'yung travel authority niya.

SP: I could not recall the span of time that he requested. But it's on the record.

Q: Sir , nag lapse na po yesterday 'yung kanyang travel order.

SP: Then I received a letter from him that he could not attend the sessions.

Q: Why?

SP: He did not state the reason.

Q: Sir, marked absent siya?

SP: Yes. He's marked absent.

Q: So, sir, anong implication noon, since naglabas din kayo ng memorandum na dapat mag attend ang mga senators ng session?

SP: Yes. But he's out of the country. So we have to mark him absent.

Q: Sir, when was your last communication with Senator Lacson?

SP: The last time that I communicated with him was when I received that letter. That was the last time.

Q: Sir, hindi ba kayo concern na it might be because of the charges filed against him kaya hindi siya uma- attend ng sessions?

SP: Well, that is the responsibility of the law enforcement people. It's not the responsibility of the Senate. He's not an agent. He is a member of the Senate. He requested for my permission to leave. There was no warrant of arrest. And I didn't know that an arrest warrant was issued yesterday.

Q: With the warrant of arrest, paano po ang proseso?

SP: He will not enjoy parliamentary immunity. The penalty is more than six years. So, if we are not in session, or even if we are on session he could be arrested. But what I was saying is that I would not allow him to be arrested on the session. I will ask the law enforcers to take him outside of the session hall

Q: Sir, hanggang doon lang 'yung protection na pwedeng ibigay ng Senate?

SP: Yes.

Q: Sir, kailan po pinadala 'yung letter ni Senator Lacson?

SP: I cannot remember anymore. I got the letter only on the day that we opened the session. January 18. He's already out of the country.

Q: Sir,wala po bang dahilan kung bakit hindi siya a- attend ng session?

SP: He did not state the reason why he could not attend the session. He did not say where he was. I just received the letter from his office.

Q: When you received that letter, sir, it was January 18.

SP: I think it was even before Christmas.

Q: Since, last day na ng session bukas, sir, so hindi n'yo na ini- expect na maka- attend siya bukas?

SP: I don't think so.

Q: What about his vote?

SP: His vote is no longer important.

Q: Why, sir?

SP: I said that it's a conscience vote. He can vote or not vote.

Q: Sir, speaking about the majority of the quorum...

SP: We will discuss that. We will deliberate on what is the proper quorum.

Q: Pero, kayo , sir?

SP: I will not say it. I am the president of the Senate. I will have to resolve the issue.

Q: Sir, as a senate president, wala ba kayong balak na tawagan si Senator Lacson?

SP: Meron akong balak. Pero hindi ko alam kung saan siya tatawagan. I have no telephone conversation with him. I just received the letter.

Q: Sir, 'yung sa spending po ng mga senators, bubusisihin pa ba 'yun ng office n'yo?

SP: That is under the scrutiny of the chairman of the Committee on Accounts. Those are accounted for subject to audit.

SP: Sir, si Senator Trillanes ay naka- detained. Pero meron siyang mga travel expenses?

SP: He is entitled to travel expenses. How he will spend that travel expenses, that is his concern. So, he will answer to the Commission on Audit because we are all audited.

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