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February 3, 2010

Gordon to senatorial wannabes: Senate is a 'debating chamber'

Senator Richard J. Gordon gave a good advice for Filipinos eyeing a seat in the Senate - prepare to engage in discourses because Congress is an arena for debates.

Gordon pointed out that people who are elected to the Senate should have the ability to engage in debates and discourses, particularly those on proposed measures to ensure that they are well crafted.

"Dapat maintindihan na kapag dumating ka sa Senado, kailangan makipagtalakayan ka, kailangan sumagot ka. This is a debating chamber. Alam mo ang rules, alam mo ang regulations. Kailangan alam mo ang gagawin mo dito sa Senado," he said.

"When you are elected to the Senate, you are supposed to possess the qualifications to speak, to propose, to contravene, to defend and to oppose. Kapag hindi ka humarap diyan, then there is something wrong. May kakulangan. I remember one senator here who once said, "hindi mo pwedeng gawing Kindergarten yung Senado,'" he added.

The senator gave the advice when he made a manifestation after Sen. Manny Villar refused to be interpellated and immediately left the Senate premises after he broke his two-year silence by giving a privilege speech on the accusations hurled against him in connection with the alleged anomalies in the C-5 Road extension project.

During his six-year term in the Senate, Gordon has delivered more than 100 privilege speeches on various issues and filed more than 200 bills and resolutions, combined.

Gordon was also one of the regular participants during floor discussions and debates, articulately voicing out views on the subject under discussion.

Expounding on his advice, the senator added that senators should be knowledgeable on a wide range of topics to enable them to participate confidently and capably in discussions and debates.

"Dito sa Senado, kung hindi natin maitataas ang kamalayan natin dito, wala tayong business na pumunta rito sa Senado. I'm on my last days in the Senate and I appeal to those who are going to join the Senate, when you are here, as in the past, dapat humanda kang tumayo rito kahit wala kang binabasa," he said.

"Dapat haharapin mo ang mga kasamahan mo, makikipagdebate ka, gagamitin mo ang nalalaman mo sa batas, yung natutunan mo sa experience mo sa buhay. It is a conglomeration of everything - your education, your experience, your philosophy, yung iyong mga advocacy," Gordon added.

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