Press Release
February 3, 2010

Transcript of Senator Richard J. Gordon's manifestation re lack of quorum

I know we do not have a quorum right now and the clear suggestion of Section 99 (of the Rules of the Senate) is that the majority of the members present can ask for their arrest. I'm not going to ask that they be arrested, they know the rules. They being senators of this country ought to know better. This is the last day of session. There are pending bills here that have to be acted upon. Some of these bills and resolutions include the report by the Blue Ribbon Committee on the malfeasance, nonfeasance and misfeasance of everybody from the President to the cabinet members, and involve also corruption which involves not only stealing money but also the loss of lives in sea accidents.

This calls upon the highest demands for patriotism and for service to our country na dapat haharap sila dito sapagkat ito ay mataimtim at kailangan pag-usapan dito. Sinasabi kahapon dito na ito raw ay pamumulitika, nakakalungkot sapagkat dapat humarap dito palagi at hindi natin pausuhin yung ginawang uso ng ating Pangulo na (EO) 464, wag haharap; o di kaya ngayon si Sen. Villar hindi haharap; at ngayon si Sen. Lacson nakakalungkot rin, umalis. Lumalabas na nagiging uso sa ating bansa ang itakwil ang sinumpaan at umiwas sa katungkulan, umiwas sa responsibilidad. That's why I would just like to enter this for the record.

Today would be very important because I would have reported out also, and we could have discussed the matter of ZTE. Some of the people who were not present were the ones who were shouting to the highest heavens na dapat lumabas ang report and prosecute. We have done that as early as a few months ago. Nagbigay lang tayo sapagkat merong mas mahalaga. But today, nakakalungkot because there are other bills that have to be undertaken here, as well, on third reading such as the tax academy bill na dapat pag-aralan, the immigration act dapat maipasa yan, at marami pa. Ang problema dito, dahil lamang sa isang senador na hindi humarap, at dahil sa kakayahan ng kaniyang impluwensya, ayokong sabihin ng kaniyang yaman, sapagkat kahapon ipinangalandakan dito na siya raw ay galing sa mahirap, siya raw ay champion ng mahirap.

But the conclusion by the public can be seen very clearly. Ang daming tao dito para abangan kung ano ang mangyayari ditong solusyon sa problema ng bansa. The problem of this country has been corruption from the very beginning. Since 1950, this country has gone down. From No. 1 in education, No. 1 in the air force, No. 1 in literacy, bumagsak tayo because of corruption.

What a show of rank irresponsibility and rank dereliction and avoidance of duty not to appear on the last day of this Senate just because they want to skunk out of their responsibility to make a decision.

We are all called upon in this Senate, there are only 23 of us or 22, every time there is a vote, we have to come out and speak here, we have to debate here, and we have to show our country that we are responsible men and women, and we have to say yes or no. We decide important matters of state, we are elected by the nation. And yet today, the word is, they skunk out of their responsibility. They skunk out! They weasel out of their responsibility.

I am a very passionate person, and please do not mistake my passion for personal vendetta, I have none. Like I said yesterday, Mr. Villar is a good friend of mine. I have many friends here in the Senate. But I think on the matter of the last day of this Congress, before we go out into the circus called the elections, I would imagine that they would face, if they fail to face their accusers, they would face at least the matter of the vote of their peers. I am really sorry for them. And most of all, I am sorry for our country that we elect people who skunk out of their responsibility. That is how I feel, that is how I present this case and I want it on the record. Thank you, Mr. President.

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