Press Release
February 6, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara pushes for amendments in the Magna Carta for Public School Teacher to provide benefits to teachers, including scholarship grants for their children, health care and pension.

"We have excellent young students and professionals who bring in a lot of honor to the country and contribute to the state but we can not discount the fact that behind these achievements of our youth is the great perseverance of our educators," said Angara, former University of the Philippines president.

He added, "Teachers are considered as the unsung heroes of our time because many have neglected the role they play in the advancement of education in our country. It is in this light that the government should put more importance on its duty to ensure that the performance and the morale of teachers will be kept at the highest level."

Angara who introduced Senate Bill 881, the act providing benefits to dependents of public school teachers amending for the purposes of Republic Act 4670 otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers, seeks to grant additional benefits through scholarship grants, free medical treatment and pension.

SB 881 proposes medical examination and treatment, educational benefits, eligibility - the dependents of the teachers must meet academic requirements, the commission on higher education (CHED) and technical educational skills development (TESDA) would be in-charge with the rules and regulation to govern the implementation, pension, and teachers to have the right to form cooperatives to provide credit and self employment.

Angara emphasized that through this bill teachers will be motivated and will continue to work even harder to harness and develop the future of our nation that is geard towards a better and enlightened generation.

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