Press Release
February 8, 2010

Transcript of interview of Sen Rodolfo G Biazon on Sen Panfilo Lacson

I think that as part of institutions and institutional processes it would be best for Senator Lacson to come in and submit himself to the institutional processes.

However, I believe Sen Lacson has certain informations that are not available to everyone. I would like to believe that his continued absence in public circulation is because of his assessment that he is not going to get a fair deal from this Administration considering that this Administration had shown vindictiveness and sometimes even making short cuts in institutions against the people that the Administration perceives to be against them.

The Senate I don't think can be used as a sanctuary by any of its members especially if the offenses being charged against them are non - bailable, if the processes would allow something like a house arrest within the vicinity of the Senate, I think the Senate leadership will be willing to extend that to him.

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