Press Release
February 12, 2010


As part of my non-traditional political approach of undertaking my Presidential campaign, I have decided to be one with the people by seeing for myself the need to improve our existing mass transportation system. While our mass transport system such as the MRT and LRT lines have been integrated, I am saddened by the common complaint by those who commute everyday of how long they have to wait in line just to get a ticket, how inaccessible are the stations to their place of residence or office and the limited number of trains servicing millions of people everyday.

To many this simple problem of waiting in line is more than enough reason to force them to use the conventional mass transportation systems that only pollute the environment.

If elected as President, I intend to reform our mass transportation system by - 1.) Adding more trains to service the existing lines; (2) Ensure that people will have expedient access to the services being offered by the railway system, first by simply eliminating these long lines to the ticket counters.

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