Press Release
February 16, 2010

Villar vows economic growth that will be felt by people

Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Sen. Manny Villar said yesterday his platform and strategy will not only ensure high economic growth but will also bring about positive change in the lives of Filipinos.

"It is not enough for us just to grow (the economy) fast, but it is important that our people will feel the effects of high economic growth," said Villar in his opening speech during the Forum with the Presidentiables of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Among key economic growth strategies presented by Villar during the forum were entrepreneurial revolution, improving tax collection, fighting corruption and promoting industries that are labor-intensive.

In particular, Villar cited the importance of letting capital flow freely to small-and-medium enterprises. "If we have to reform the banking industry, then we can do so. Banks are balance sheet-oriented. They are investing in ROPs (medium to long-term bonds) and not lending much," cited Villar.

Villar is also focused on addressing food security concerns particularly in relation to poverty. He intends to modernize agriculture, where he said, 70 percent of the poor are in this sector. "It is important to provide safety nets for the poorest of the poor."

Given the country's dim economic scenario, Villar said it is crucial for people to look for good leadership skills and managerial capability in choosing the next president of the country. He emphasized his "extensive experience" in business.

"It is very easy to formulate policies. It is very easy to prepare platforms. But it is very important to demonstrate our capability to do what we will commit to do and to be able to implement strategies," he said.

Villar said faster economic growth will result in higher per capita growth.

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