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February 23, 2010

There is no room for empty promises - Gordon

Balanga, Bataan - Bagumbayan Party presidential bet Senator Richard J. Gordon today stressed that without effective governance, the dream of seeing an end to the war that has plagued the country for decades, will remain a pipedream.

Gordon, who was in the middle of a campaign sortie in Luzon, said what is needed to put a stop to war, which contributes to the abject poverty in the country, and take an advance step towards development is good governance that can be seen in deed and not mere empty words.

"We have not won anything until we lift the problem of ineffective governance that causes abject poverty and hopelessness. When there is no effective governance, there are only dreams. There is no room for empty promises," he said.

"The government has to show sincere efforts to try and win back the insurgents by finally providing what they have never gotten in the past - good governance. Create infrastructures that would generate livelihood opportunities so they won't have to carry firearms to make money," he added.

Gordon gave the statement when asked to comment on the death of Abu Sayyaf commander Al Bader Parad. Reports said Parad, along with four others, were killed and three soldiers were wounded when Philippine Marines stormed the insurgent's hideout in Mt. Pukay in Barangay Karawan, Maimbung, Sulu.

Last year, Parad led an ASG band that seized and held hostage three officials of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Gordon said he and running mate Bayani Fernando are offering concrete and doable programs of development, not only of Mindanao, but of the rest of the country.

"When elected, we are offering good governance. That is not an empty promise. Itaga niyo sa bato!" the Bagumbayan standard bearer stressed.

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