Press Release
February 23, 2010


Speaks with the Liga ng mga Barangay Sarangani Chapter, Senator Loren Legarda today lauded Barangay officials for being the front liners of public service, reminding them of their important role to the people and the country.

"Local officials are vital to governance. They play a big role as front liners of public service. They are the face of public service. They are the ones who act on most pressing matters in the community," said Loren who authored laws that aim to spur rural development like Barangay Kabuhayan bill.

She added, "The Philippine Governments' medium-term strategy for rural development emphasizes economic growth with social inclusion. This highlights the need to ensure that while the macro-economic indicators of our country are sound, government must make the fruits of economic growth felt by our population, thru rural infrastructure and facilities for growth and self-sustainability and this will not be possible without the efforts from our local officials."

Loren said the vice presidential campaign allows her to get the pulse of the nation and hear about their most vital needs.

"As I go around I see the condition of our fellow Filipinos from all walks of life and all corners of our country, I see them in need of help, service and above all, representation. We are all craving for change, and that, Senator Villar and I will give the Filipinos. We will empower local government and give them greater participation in governance. We will make sure that all the Barangays will have Priority Development Assistance Fund." said Loren.

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