Press Release
February 24, 2010


Nacionalista Vice-Presidential candidate Loren Legarda yesterday assured Davaoeños of her support to the education sector and dispelled rumors of her attempts to decrease compensation and benefits of public school teachers. Loren declared that "only insane people would abolish the benefits that public school teachers are receiving."

Speaking to teachers and students in Tagum City for her campaign tour, Loren stressed, "My legislations on education have always been geared at improving the welfare of our teachers and students. Yung mga intrigang yan, halatang black propaganda na naman."

She added, "You can check the Senate website and look into my legislations under the Committee on Education. Makikita nyong ang mga panukala ko sa education sector ay para maiangat ang kapakanan ng ating mga guro."

Loren is author of the Public School Teachers' Salary Upgrade Act (SB-1611) and the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers Act (SB-72), both aimed at increasing the basic compensation levels and benefits package of public school teachers.

Over the past two weeks emails and text messages have circulated with allegations that Loren has called to "decrease or abolish the summer pay of public school teachers." She lamented, "Hindi naman tama ito. Yung mga teachers natin ang pag-asa para maiangat ang antas ng edukasyon sa bansa natin...tapos bakit naman natin sila tatanggalan ng sweldo? 'Di naman siguro ito tama para sa akin at para sa ating mga guro. Nakakahiya ang mga paratang nila. Ang babaw! Baliw lang ang magtatanggal ng benepisyo sa mga guro!"

Loren was quick to explain, "I have always been close to our teachers and students, and my legislations in the Senate can prove that."

Apart from the two aforementioned bills, under the Committee on Education in the Senate, Loren has so far pushed for the approval of the Students' Rights and Welfare Act, the Public Libraries and Reading Cent Modernization Act, the Study of Environment as Additional Subject in Secondary Education Act, the Decentralization of the DepEd Payroll System Act, the Free Public Education for Disabled Children Act and the Fund Assistance to Madrasah Education Act.

Meanwhile, Roxas has only lobbied in the 14th Congress of the Senate three bills...all of which are still pending in the [Education Committee].

For the Davao leg of her visits to rural communities and public schools Loren was well received by her audiences, mainly teachers and students, as well as retired educators. The teachers expressed gratitude to Loren for clarifying the issue. Loren was in Davao and Tagum to attend the National Schools Press Conference and grace the celebration of the Musikahan Festival.

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