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February 28, 2010

Gordon-Bayani embarks on crusade vs ineffective governance

BAGUIO CITY - Bagumbayan Party presidential bet Senator Richard J. Gordon and his running mate Bayani Fernando are on a crusade against ineffective governance and its string of evil practices that is keeping the country in a political rut and wallowing in poverty.

Gordon stressed that they are running because of the evident lack of focused and effective governance, which keep the Philippines lagging behind its neighbors in the region and is stopping it from re-emerging as "Asia's Number One."

"The Gordon-Bayani campaign is a crusade for effective governance--crusade because we are fighting evil. Crusade is when you fight evil. And what is evil? Evil practices of politicians, buying people, showing off their money, and trying to do everything except doing something for the people," he said.

"Bayani and I are running a campaign with a combined track record of effective governance that is both local and national in scope, as well as efficient humanitarian service. We also have constitutional experience and experience in terms of effective legislation," he added.

Gordon and Fernando both offer sterling track records of excellent governance. When Gordon was mayor of Olongapo City, what used to be known as "Sin City" became a model city. He implemented laws and programs that other local governments imitated.

The Bagumbayan standard bearer's vision also gave birth to the first successful bases conversion in the country when he converted the former American naval base in Subic into a Freeport. The tourism industry also flourished when he took over the helm of the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Gordon also showed outstanding performance in the Senate, filing more than a hundred bills and resolutions, a number of which were enacted into laws. The Philippine Red Cross, also under his leadership, was modernized and progressed from a recipient into a donor society.

For his part, Fernando gained prominence for turning Marikina City into one of the most progressive cities in Metro Manila and getting rid of its tag as "rape capital" of the metropolis. Displaying strong political will in implementing laws, Fernando, former chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), changed Metro Manila into a livable metropolis.

Gordon stressed that without effective governance, the dream of seeing an end to poverty and the war that has plagued the country for decades will remain a pipedream.

"Until we lift the problem of ineffective governance that causes abject poverty and hopelessness, we have not won anything. When there is no effective governance, there are only dreams. There is no room for empty promises," he said.

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