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March 7, 2010


Someone who is not corrupt and has a clean record remains the top qualification preferred by Filipinos in choosing who they will vote for President in the May 10 elections, a Pulse Asia pre-election survey last month indicated.

This is followed by someone who cares for the poor and someone who can do something, is doing something, or will do something, as two other top reasons by Filipino voters for choosing the candidate they prefer to vote for President, the Pulse Asia survey of 1,800 Filipinos from February 21-25 showed.

Liberal Party standard bearers Senators Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas topped the February 21 to 25 presidential and vice presidential preference surveys of the Pulse Asia, with a high 36% and 43% rating, respectively.

LP Director General Chito Gascon said the high ratings obtained by Aquino and Roxas indicated the public's approval of their platform of good governance and reforms.

In the survey conducted among 1,800 respondents, 26% said they would vote for candidates who are "not corrupt" and who have "clean records" in their political career. Only 22% would vote for those who "care for the poor."

Other reasons cited by the respondents in choosing their candidates included: can do something, is doing something and will do something for the people (14%); help and are helping others (11%); good persons (10%); used to governing/has experience (7%); knowledgeable/intelligent (5%); and listen to the people (3%).

In the December 2009 survey of the Pulse Asia, candidates who are perceived to be pro-poor attracted more voters, having been cited by 27% of the respondents. Those perceived to be not corrupt were only cited by 21%.

Gascon said the change in the voters' reasons in choosing their candidates shows clearly that Filipinos have grown tired of the old bureaucratic process, where rampant corruption and power and money-driven politicians dictate how government would function.

He stressed their strong reform agenda boosts Aquino's and Roxas' bid for the presidency and vice presidency in the May 10 national elections.

"Senators Noynoy and Mar have no records of corruption, unlike other candidates who, until now, have yet to explain corruption charges thrown against them," he said.

Aquino and Roxas have been leading in all pre-election surveys conducted by independent polling firms like the Pulse Asia and the Social Weather Stations (SWS), strong indicators of their victory in this year's presidential and vice presidential elections.

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