Press Release
March 9, 2010


In celebration of the International Women's Day, NPC-NP-LDP Vice-Presidential candidate Loren Legarda has reiterated her call for government to implement the laws she has authored to prevent the abuse of women.

"It is ironic that we are constantly on the top list of global gender balance index yet we continue having reports of women being abused and being victims of human trafficking. This is shameful," Loren told members of the press.

Recently, Loren rescued a female OFW worker who claimed she was raped by her employer.

"Women still suffer in silence, despite the enactment of laws like the Anti-Human Trafficking Law which I authored and the Anti-Domestic Violence Act. We need to implement these laws and mobilize efforts to protect women's rights," said Loren, the only woman running for the VP seat.

To date there have been around 10,000 reported cases of violence against women in the country. However according to a report by the United Nations, such figures cannot be reflective of the actual situation, as women are "often intimidated to come out to the authorities to report their plight."

Among the abuses that women go through in the country are rape, incest, physical abuse or maltreatment, illegal recruitment and trafficking that lead to sexual abuse, involuntary prostitution, effects of armed conflict and emotional abuse.

Loren cited facts from the UN report: "One in three women worldwide is likely to be beaten, coerced into sex and one in five women will be victim of rape or attempted rape. Women aged 15 to 44 are more at risk of death and disability through domestic violence than through cancer, motor accidents, war and malaria. Every year about 2 million girls between 5 and 15 are introduced into the commercial sex trade.

"Worse, studies suggest that a quarter to 1/3 of the 170 million women and girls in the European Union are subjected to male violence. These happen in both rich and poor countries."

In the Senate, Loren helped usher the passage of the Magna Carta of Women last year. "This should strengthen our laws that protect women," she stressed. In addition, she has passed the Women and Children Crisis Survivors Assistance and Protection Act, the Women Empowerment Act and the Women Empowerment in Enterprise Act.

"Women are integral part of development and progress. We will not stop fighting until we have put an end to violence against women, because only then will we see true gender balance and holistic social transformation," she said.

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