Press Release
March 11, 2010


SENATOR Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr. yesterday said the government should find an alternative ways that will serve as permanent backup energy sources for Mindanao .

"Obviously, Mindanao 's abundant water could not sustain the electric supply for residents here because of El Nino-induced drought. It is about time that the government should find alternative to hydro-power plants," he said.

The long brownouts - which lasted for four to eight hours - in the island has devastated the economy in Mindanao . The senator proposed that the government should craft long-term measures to address the power crisis in the country.

However, Bong Revilla reiterated of his recommendation of using renewable energy.

"The Philippines is blessed with natural resources; by utilizing all of these, we can have a sustainable power supply," the senator said.

Bong Revilla cited that under the Renewable Energy Act, which he co-authored, provides alternative use of solar, wind and water as safer sources of electricity.

According to Revilla, there is resurgence of solar energy production. He said Germany and China are mass producing and installing solar power.

"Although solar panels and its accessories are expensive, it is long-lasting and requires very little maintenance. We will not have power shortage with the help of solar panel," he said.

In order to expedite the development of renewable energy resources, Bong Revilla explained that the same is open for investors. In fact, the law provides incentives to developers by giving a seven-year tax holiday and tax exemptions.

"In effect, the electric cost will be inexpensive and the consumers will have a reliable and environment-friendly power supply," the senator concluded.

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