Press Release
March 17, 2010

'To ignore climate change is to neglect the poor' - Legarda

NP-NPC-LDP vice presidential bet Loren Legarda today challenged all candidates running for national positions to tackle climate change, "an issue that is no longer the abstract, unintelligible concept that it was before. Climate change is real. You can see it in the daily struggles of the poor today."

Legarda, the only candidate carrying environmental issues in her national campaign, cited the plight of farmers against El Nino, hunger, poverty, and the spread of disease as "everyday effects of climate change".

"Ang mga pinaka-apektado ng climate change ay ang mga mahihirap. Sino ba ang nawawalan ng ani tuwing tagtuyot? Sino ang nasasalanta ng mas madalas at mas makapaminsalang bagyo? Sino ang tinatamaan ng malaria, dengue at iba pang mga sakit na dulot ng climate change?" she said.

"The time of climate change cynics is over. We have no time for apathy and inaction. Climate change is a real issue, felt by the poorest, most vulnerable of our people," she said.

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