Press Release
March 19, 2010

Pia slams SC ruling GMA can appoint Chief Justice

"I don't agree with the Supreme Court's decision. The High Court has already ruled in 1998 that the president cannot make appointments to the courts, nor be required to do so two months immediately before the next presidential elections and up to the end of his or her term. It is disappointing that the SC has taken a different position and reversed long-standing jurisprudence.

"Bu the decision is not yet final. Given that it is not a unanimous decision, I am hoping that the court will reverse itself if a motion for reconsideration is filed. In any case, what we can do is create social pressure on the president not to appoint the next Chief Justice and remain firm that we as a people will not tolerate the politicization of our Constitutional processes.

"I also challenge the appointed one not to accept such appointment. If he or she is indeed the most qualified, I am sure the next President will still appoint him or her."

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