Press Release
March 25, 2010


Liberal Party standard bearer Noynoy Aquino yesterday said he will push for a review of the party-list law to plug loopholes which have led politicians and other vested interest groups to enter the House of Representatives through the backdoor.

"This loophole is slowly turning the party-list system into a farce. It violates the very intent of the framers of the 1987 charter to give marginalized sectors of our people a voice in governance," he said.

"Those who desire to remain in power, by any means, have found a loophole they can wriggle into to achieve their dark ends," Aquino said.

The LP bet was referring to published reports that Pampanga Rep. Mikey Arroyo was the first nominee of Ang Galing Pinoy party-list, which is supposed to represent security guards. Another nominee of the same party-list group is Dennis Pineda, outgoing mayor of Lubao, Pampanga.

A sister-in-law of President Arroyo, Maria Lourdes Arroyo, is a first nominee of Kasangga, a party-list group representing micro-enterpreneurs. Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes, on the other hand, is a first nominee of 1-UTAK, a party-list group representing the transport sector.

Under the Constitution, the party-list representatives shall constitute 20 percent of the total number of the Lower House. As of last count, 187 organizations have been accredited by the Comelec to contest the 57 seat allotted for party-list groups.

At the same time, Aquino reiterated his pledge not to appoint any relative to any government position or allow them to do business with government if he becomes president.

"I will not allow anyone in my family to run for public office while I am president. We will have to set an example to regain the people's trust in their leaders and the institutions of government," he said.

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