Press Release
March 27, 2010

Christian Bishops support Gordon's campaign for good governance
Only Gordon arrives in CBMAP presidential forum

Bagumbayan presidential bet Sen. Richard Gordon has gained the support of members of the Christian Bishops and Ministers Association of the Philippines (CBMAP) in his campaign for good governance.

Gordon signed a covenant with the Christian organization led by its chairman, Bishop Benjamin Ramos, during the CBMAP Presidential Forum at the Manila Yacht Club. Among the presidential candidates, it was only Gordon who attended the event.

"I agree with what is written in this covenant. But do you agree, as well, to campaign with me for good governance?" Gordon asked the CBMAP members after signing the covenant.

The response was a loud "Yes" from the members, who also prayed over the Bagumbayan presidential bet.

The covenant which the two parties signed primarily states that Gordon, when elected President, shall seek God's will and wisdom in carrying out his plans and decisions as the leader of the country; while the CBMAP shall support him by strengthening the moral fiber of the nation.

Gordon said he had always asked for God's wisdom whenever he makes a decision, especially as a leader of his community.

"During the Mt. Pinatubo explosion, I asked Him to give me strength. I did the same when the US military left the Subic naval base. I always ask for God's wisdom and strength when I make such decisions for the people," he said.

"I know I am capable of doing what needs to be done in our country, but I cannot do it alone. The public's role is to be part of the government. You must inform me of what is happening so that I can act right away. I can lead, but people must be part of the process of change. That is how we can have the cleanest, most honest and most effective government," Gordon added.

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