Press Release
March 27, 2010


Liberal vice presidential candidate Senator Mar Roxas did not have any intention to set aside the Climate Change issue during Sunday's "Harapan: The Vice Presidential Debate."

Roxas said perennial VP survey second-placer Loren Legarda deliberately twisted his motive when he asked about her keen interest on the subject to give the public the false impression that he did not care about the environment.

"The point I was making in the debate is that Senadora and I have an honest difference of opinion of what should be the priority for the next Vice President, the next government and for every Filipino family," Roxas explained.

Unlike Legarda whose campaign is centered on her environment advocacy, Roxas firmly believes the administration should focus on job creation, higher wages, and lower prices of critical goods and services like medicines, food and education. "That is what I will be working on," he promised.

He added: "This is an honest difference of opinion. There is really no need for Senadora to engage in political name-calling. I'm disappointed. The voters deserve better than that."

Legarda, the day after the vice presidential debate, publicly rebuked Roxas for allegedly belittling the impact of Climate Change in the country and said this showed his ignorance and insensitivity to the people threatened by the effects of food and water shortage - two of the adverse consequences of the El Niño phenomenon. She offered to give Roxas a tutorial on Climate Change issues.

"Let me thank Senadora for her offer. But actually, I know quite a bit about both climate change and environmental issues," he said, adding: "I am confident in the wisdom and intelligence of the Filipino to choose what is most important to them and for the nation. I choose job creation, and making prices affordable."

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