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March 29, 2010

Villar decries new black prop

Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Manny Villar lashed back at critics claiming that he was not poor at all, just to taint his reputation and discredit his campaign.

"Some groups have the gall of spinning tales that I did not come from the poor. I'll never get tired of saying we were once squatters. My siblings and I were born on Sta. Maria Street in Tondo. The nine of us slept together on a single mat and mosquito net," Villar said during an interview in Naga City Sunday night.

Even the property in San Rafael Village, Navotas that Villar's family later bought was not spared from his detractors' nitpicking.

"Sa sobrang sikip namin, nangutang ang tatay ko, nagpatayo ng bahay. Pinapalabas ngayon na kami'y hindi mahirap. Hindi naman tama yon," Villar said.

He said his father obtained a loan from the Government Service Insurance System to buy the house that was to be paid in 20 to 25 years. In no way can the property be called being in a posh subdivision.

The senator was also particularly peeved by lies that they were able to afford hospitalization for his cancer-stricken brother who died when he was about 10 years old.

While acknowledging that his brother was rushed to the FEU Hospital, Villar said that Danny was admitted as charity patient.

"During an emergency case, you go to the nearest hospital and bother later where to get the money to pay the bill," he said.

Eventually Danny died because Villar's family cannot afford the cost of his treatment.

The senator also scored insinuations that when his family decided to hire the services of Funeraria Paz for the burial of his brother, it also indicated that they had money.

Villar noted that the heightened attacks happened after he gained support from a number of local politicians. He said this clearly shows that his foes are panicking and would do whatever it takes to undermine his presidential bid.

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