Press Release
March 30, 2010


With the onslaught of travelers rushing for the Lenten holidays, Senator Chiz Escudero warned maritime authorities to strictly enforce maritime rules to ensure the safety of sea passengers.

Escudero issued this caution amid reports that shipping companies have sold tickets more than its passenger capacities.

The senator said maritime and other concerned authorities should immediately look into this to avoid vessel mishaps perennially associated to overloading of passengers.

"This should never be happening at all if only laws are strictly implemented to the letters. Our authorities should put the safety of passengers on top so they can o home to their families."

He also called on shipping companies to abide by the existing maritime laws and not only focus on revenues.

"Owners of shipping companies should increase passenger capacity and not ticket sales. Sea tragedies in the past should be enough lessons for everyone to consolidate efforts and make sea travel in this archipelagic country safe and worth the while."

Escudero said the reports on overloading of passenger vessels should be taken seriously by the government and put its foot down on companies found violating.

"We hope and pray that there won't be any sea mishaps this holiday and even beyond. But even if nothing happens, the government should hold owners responsible for putting the lives of their passengers at risk. Otherwise, we should hold maritime authorities for a continuing failure to ensure the safety of passengers at sea."

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